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Marketing Like God NOT about lofty ideas, overpriced branding packages, or the “next new thing” in church marketing. It is NOT about elaborate marketing plans impossible to follow. This book IS about how to use PROVEN biblical principles and strategies to be real as a church and how to contact people right where they are to show them the value the local church can have [...]


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A Comprehensive Guide to Using Direct Mail Effectively

Church marketing is not a guessing game. It involves a plan and thought out techniques to get as much return on investment as possible for your money. We packed as much church marketing information as possible into this free church marketing packet and even included actual samples of our work from some of our church clients. Learn How to Grow Your Congregation with Direct Mail. Fill out the form below to receive your free sample pack and comprehensive guide to using direct mail to grow your church.

Our 16 page Church Direct Mail Marketing Success Kit contains everything you need to plan, create, and launch effective direct mail campaigns.

  • Actual Samples of Door Hangers, Invite Cards & Postcards
  • 16 Page Church Direct Mail Marketing Success Kit
  • 5 Direct Mail Secrets most Companies don’t Mention
  • 5 Common Direct Mail Mistakes to Avoid
  • Coupon for 5,000 Free Invite Cards with your first order
  • Discounts on Your Next Direct Mail Campaign
  • And so Much More!
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