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What is Church Marketing?

What is Church Marketing?

A Definition of What True Church Marketing is!


Churches oftentimes get hung up on the word “marketing”  – With all the marketing noise we are bombarded with on a daily basis it is no wonder. 

The chief objection that I often hear is that church leaders do not want to use deceptive practices, false promises, or cheesy offers to get people into the church. And with this I agree wholeheartedly. But church marketing is something else entirely.

I have written my own definition of Church Marketing that I hope and pray will resonate with churches and clear up any preconceived notion and bias from the term “Church Marketing”.

“Church marketing is the action of spreading or promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the use of various types of communication, media, or strategies to capture attention, engage, educate, and finally persuade people to take action.” John Squiric COO Truth Advertising


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