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Back to School Means Back to Church

The 3rd Highest Church Attendance Day of the Year

If Momma ain’t Happy, ain’t Nobody Happy!
The moms are usually always in church, so it’s not the mothers making up this large attendance day. It’s the husbands, the children, the teenagers, and even moms extended family who is showing up this one day of the year to make mom happy.
You can use this once a year opportunity as a great evangelistic tool.
We compiled some great ideas below that may help you plan a successful Mother’s Day service at your church.


Preach to the Unchurched.
Chances are the moms in your church “Get it”. They have asked their husbands and children there for a reason. Tailor your sermons to speak to them. Tell them what Mom would like to say if she could. That her greatest gift is not for flowers or candy, but for her family to have a real relationship with Jesus Christ, and explain how to do that.


Affirm these New Visitors.
People know if they haven’t been to church in a while, you don’t need to tell them or beat them over the head with it. They also know many of them came to church only because “Mom” asked. Rejoice in them attending on this day and be welcoming.


Be Ready for Next Steps.
Invite husbands to an upcoming Mens event or Bible study that begins in the next couple weeks. Make that invitation right there in front of their wives. Invite the teens to youth group as well.


Have a Reason to Return Next Sunday.
Don’t leave them hanging. Give them a reason to return next week with a life applicable sermon series that the men can relate to and announce on Mother’s Day.


Here are a couple of ideas to include your kids ministry in some way.


  • Include the Children.
  • The week prior have kids share things they like about mom in a sentence and read aloud on Mother’s Day.
  • Have the kids present flowers to all the moms on Mother’s Day.
  • Take a video camera to your Sunday School Classes a few weeks before Mother’s day and get some candid quotes from kids about their Moms.
  • Have the kids in Sunday school make mom a special gift that Sunday.
  • Have a preschool parade during service, where the kids honor all the moms.


Testimonial from Moms.
Pick a few moms to share their stories, and the journey of motherhood along with the joys and struggles.


Have a Picnic for Mom.
Host a special Mother’s Day picnic at the local park or cater in after Sunday service. Just don’t have the moms do the cooking.


Be Sensitive.
Some in your congregation may dread Mother’s Day because of marital status, childlessness, death or problems with parents. Honor mothers, but be sensitive to the hurting.


Pick Great Praise Music.
Here are nine of the all time top christian songs for mothers.


One Heartbeat at a Time by Steven Curtis Chapman
Everything to Me by Mark Schultz
Midnight Oil by Phillips Craig and Dean
A Mother’s Love by Jim Brickman
Mother’s Day Song (Time Has Gone)
Call Her Blessed by Stacey Noll
Don’t Forget to Remember Me by Carrie Underwood
Find Your Wings by Mark Harris
When You Come Home by Billy Gilman


Pack the House.
My Father always told me “the fishing is best when the most fish are hitting”. Seems a bit simple but true. Use this once a year opportunity to invite as many families in your community as you can. Due to the nature of Mother’s Day your marketing efforts, chances of success are multiplied exponentially.


If these ideas have triggered a need in you, we should talk about it! I founded Truth Advertising on the belief that all churches should have access to the same marketing expertise as secular companies without having to pay extra for it. Our team can help your church grow. Give us a call and see if our ideas are a good fit for you. 1-844-TRUTHAD.

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