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The one hard and fast rule of advertising is that the better your offer is, the more people will show up. That “offer” seems much easier to apply to secular businesses. They just need to slap a coupon for “Free Pizza!” and people will come in droves.

Churches offer something much deeper and more satisfying, but most of the time they do not know how to translate that to the secular crowd. The un-churched have ears but cannot hear yet, so you must learn to speak their language.

Send a Church Postcard advertising a fantastic sermon series that will show your neighbors a clear path to a better life. Steer clear of language that sounds Biblical or Preach-y, and as always, catch their attention with appealing graphics. Follow these church marketing tips, and you will see them tune into your offer and eventually see lives changed.


47. Church Postcards Life Applicable Sermon


Free Church Invite Cards With All New Direct Mail Orders

As our way of saying THANK YOU and for a limited time, all new direct mail orders will receive 2500 FREE custom church invite cards for your members to give to friends, family, neighbors, or even their local mechanic. These cards are printed full color with rounded corners on 14pt UV coated stock,  and will help facilitate the invitation process. Design and shipping are even included.

These 2″ x 3.5″ business size cards make the perfect invitation for your members carry in their wallets or purses and leave behind as a more personal invitation with all your church information.

You must request these from your church marketing consultant prior to your order mailing.



Find a lower advertised price on a full-service custom direct mail program and Truth Advertising will match that price and print you 2,500 matching invite cards at no charge.


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Postcard Order Design/Print Request

Follow these simple steps to get custom postcards designed and printed for your church.