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September 11th, 9/11 is a day that should never be forgotten. It is a day of remarkable tragedy, loss and sacrifice. Churches can honor the heroes who gave their lives that day, as well as the everyday heroes that live in their community today, by hosting a special Tribute service.

Truth Advertising is honored to be included in the task of spreading the word and inviting others to come together and remember our fallen countrymen. To come together and pray for the days to come, for safety and peace.

This form of Church Marketing is an important part of our mission, and we hope it is a focus of yours as well. As always, we guarantee the quality and timeliness of our church postcards. Choose one of our church postcard designs, use your own design, or let us design a 911 church postcard exclusively for your church.


02. Church Postcard 911 Sunday Idea


Truth Advertising Does All The Work For You!

True Turn-Key: No work on your part. Truth Advertising will design, print, address and mail your cards. Even if you have your own design, TA handles all the details of your order from start to finish. Quality Guarantee: If the US Post Office fails to deliver the majority of your postcards before your event, or you are unhappy with the quality of your postcards, TA will pay for the design, printing, addressing and processing of the amount not delivered on time for any future mailing.

  • INCLUDED – Marketing Consult
  • INCLUDED – Local Area Count Report
  • INCLUDED – Custom Design
  • INCLUDED – Saturation Mail List
  • INCLUDED – All Full Color Printing
  • INCLUDED – 12pt Card Stock
  • INCLUDED – Laser Addressing
  • INCLUDED – Mail House Preparation
  • INCLUDED – Clearing of Mail
  • INCLUDED – Trucking to Local USPS Sectional Postal Facility
  • INCLUDED – 300 Free Overruns (When Available)
  • INCLUDED – Personal Church Marketing Consultant


Find a lower advertised price on a full-service custom direct mail program and Truth Advertising will match that price and print you 2,500 matching invite cards at no charge.


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