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True Turn-Key: No work on your part. Truth Advertising will design, print, address and mail your cards. Even if you have your own design, TA handles all the details of your order from start to finish. Quality Guarantee: If the US Post Office fails to deliver the majority of your postcards before your event, or you are unhappy with the quality of your postcards, TA will pay for the design, printing, addressing and processing of the amount not delivered on time for any future mailing.

  • INCLUDED – Marketing Consult
  • INCLUDED – Local Area Count Report
  • INCLUDED – Saturation Mail List
  • INCLUDED – All Full Color Printing
  • INCLUDED – 12pt Card Stock
  • INCLUDED – Laser Addressing
  • INCLUDED – Mail House Preparation
  • INCLUDED – Clearing of Mail
  • INCLUDED – Trucking to Local USPS Sectional Postal Facility
  • INCLUDED – 300 Free Overruns (When Available)
  • INCLUDED – Personal Church Marketing Consultant

When is the best time to market the church? – You may think it is Easter, or Christmas. Sure, those holidays fill the seats, but sadly, those 1st time attendees usually fade away after a week or two.The best time to attract new visitors with the highest potential to stick with your church is the New Year’s season. People are seeking change more than ever during the New Year. They are more receptive to life changing sermon series.

The New Year is when people make life-changing commitments—to lose weight, improve their marriage, save money, be better husbands and better parents.
Your church can and should seize on this desire for change, and bring them what they truly yearn for—the life-transforming power of the gospel.

There are essentially 4 Reasons Seekers Decide to Attend Church
1. They must have a need to come to your church.
2. They must believe that your church will meet their needs.
3. They must decide that your church Is the right church for them.
4. They must decide the time to come to your church is now.

Here’s the best thing about reaching out to people at New Year’s: Most of the groundwork has already been done for you. People are turning over new leaves, making commitments to better their lives. The time is right; people are ripe for the harvest. Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to reap what has already been sown.

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