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Marketing Like God

Successful Church Marketing is not about the products you use!

Successful Church Marketing is about The Church Marketing Principles you use!

“Church marketing is the action of spreading or promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the use of various types of communication, media, or strategies to capture attention, engage, educate, and finally persuade people to take action.” John Squiric COO Truth Advertising

Do you have a biblical worldview? A biblical worldview simply means we as Christians view life through the lens of God’s inspired Word. The Bible is (or should be) the basis and foundation for all decisions made by pastors, church leaders, and everyone seeking to follow Jesus.

The Bible Can and Should Inform Our Marketing Decisions If you are LEADING a church, WORKING in a church, or GO to church, you ARE a marketer… whether you think so or not is irrelevant.

The only questions to ask yourself are:

– Do my methods honor God?
– Am I accomplishing through my marketing what I desire?
– Are my actions bringing people closer to God or pushing
them away?

Marketing Like God NOT about lofty ideas, overpriced branding packages, or the “next new thing” in church marketing. It is NOT about elaborate marketing plans impossible to follow.

This book IS about how to use PROVEN biblical principles and strategies to be real as a church and how to contact people right where they are to show them the value the local church can have in their lives and in their families.


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The answers to how to grow your church were given thousands of years ago. While the tools and vehicles to accomplish it may change over time, the principles remain constant.

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