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As a small and medium-size church, you may have tapped a volunteer to handle your social media presence, assigned this task to someone already serving in another capacity, or you may even be handling this responsibility in your “off” time. You might even be “boosting” your Facebook posts. But you know you can do better!
You want to have a stronger social media presence but hiring a communications director could run your church 40k – 60K a year.  For most small and medium-size churches, that is just not in the budget. You might have looked into outsourcing this job to one of the many online social media companies. However, when their minimums start at $1000 a month, and you still need to cover the costs of your ads, that does not make fiscal sense either.
We have a better and less expensive way. With Truth Advertising’s social media programs, you can start reaching your community with targeted custom-designed Facebook ads at a cost that won’t break the budget.

Our most popular Silver Package is just $149 for all the setup and managementWe even apply $100 of that $149 to your ad campaign. This package usually has a Facebook reach of 11,000 people and about 185 actual clicks to your website. For most small and medium-sized churches, this is enough to cover their entire local market. You choose how to spend your budget. You can run it all out as fast as possible, or schedule out over a month.




Run with a Direct Mail Campaign or as a Stand-Alone Marketing Campaign.

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