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Social Media Marketing

Use Facebook to Double the ROI of your Churches Direct Mail Campaign and Increase Attendance!

Most likely your church has a Facebook page. And most likely you post things to it on a regular basis. We encourage churches to have a Facebook program that is managed by someone in the local church that keeps the content fresh, and announces upcoming events to its members.

But did you know that running a matching Facebook ad campaign with a direct mail postcard can double your postcards ROI?

Let the experts at Truth Advertising turn your direct mail postcard campaign into a matching Facebook ad campaign.

  • – Use TA’s copyrighted graphics in your FB campaign
  • – Adapt your direct mail campaign graphics to all FB ad formats
  • – Set FB demographics to match your direct mail demographics
  • – Have your FB ad campaign built by a social media specialist
  • – Develop a FB budget and timeline for your ad campaign
  • – Make adjustments as needed based on performance
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Facebook generates an enormous amount of traffic. So you’d be unwise not to incorporate them into your marketing plans. But there’s also a lot of other content competing for viewers’ attention.

Here are some figures that show the incredible reach of Facebook:

– Over 1.86 billion people on average log onto Facebook daily.
– Average time spent is 20 minutes.
– 510,000 comments are posted every 60 seconds.
– 4.75 billion pieces of content are shared daily on Facebook.
– It is estimated that there are over 83 million fake identities on Facebook

FB aD campaign budget.
Facebook Ad Campaign Budget$100$25
Facebook Ad Campaign Budget$200$40
Facebook Ad Campaign Budget$300$75
Facebook Ad Campaign Budget$400$75
Facebook Ad Campaign Budget$500$100
Facebook Ad Campaign Budget$600$100
Facebook Ad Campaign Budget$700$150
Facebook Ad Campaign Budget$800$150
Facebook Ad Campaign Budget$800$175
Facebook Ad Campaign Budget$1000$200
Over $1000 Ad Campaign Budget$1000 +20% of Campaign Budget