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The 5 Most Powerful Words in Church Marketing


I live in North Texas and it is no secret that North Texas has a lot of churches.  Living here gives me the opportunity to see a great deal of church marketing. And while I applaud any church which makes an effort to reach their community for Christ, I have become increasingly concerned with the number of churches that are neglecting sound marketing principles and instead try to brand themselves as “hip” or “cool.”


I see a great deal of churches turning to what we call in the advertising arena as Brand Awareness Marketing. This is a strategy which focuses solely on capturing attention, usually through a pretty or clever design. However, this type of marketing lacks the basic elements needed to drive people to act. This type of marketing may work well for companies like Nike, Coca Cola, and Amazon, because consumers already know about their products and services, and need no further education. These businesses’ market solely to keep their brand on the top of our minds.


The problem with churches following this type of marketing strategy is, it lacks the basic elements needed to drive people to take action.  It does not tap into a deeper force of human nature that has to do with perceived value.


Tapping into this force of  human nature can be as simple as including in your church marketing the five most important letters in advertising – WIIFM – What’s In It For Me? When people receive value for their investment of money or time, they are quick to share it with others. A great restaurant is often raved about on social media. An honest mechanic is recommended neighbor-to-neighbor. A new killer diet draws in the friends of the excited dieter. And a gleeful customer gladly boasts of the great price landed at the latest retail sale.


I am not comparing the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ to a great retail experience. Rather, I am saying “it is critical we realize that if we do not share the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ to a world that desperately needs Him in a way that resonates with their felt needs, they will never perceive the value of coming to our churches”. And if they don’t perceive the value of it, then they are even less likely to share it with others.




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