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Church Marketing Tips - How to Add Real Value to Your Church.

Church Marketing Tips

Adding Value to Your Church

Make your church more valuable to more people


The truth Advertising team usually drives over 800 miles each year to Atlanta, Georgia for the annual Catalyst Conference, which hosts more than 11,000 Christian leaders, many of whom we have never had the opportunity to meet face to face.
Leaders from today’s most influential churches share their wisdom during general sessions. Speakers challenge and equip leaders to be catalysts in today’s generation.

Throughout history, the church has added value to the world. Most hospitals exist because of the church’s influence. Many prestigious universities started as training grounds for people preparing for ministry. Till recently, science was dominated by people with a Christian worldview.
Just as our predecessors added value to the world with schools, hospitals and scientific discoveries, we can impact our culture and add value to our communities with the local church.


How valuable is your Church right now?
Take a survey to find out how many church members have invited a friend, coworker or family member to attend on a Sunday morning. If the numbers are low, chances are your members do not see enough value in your church. If they did, of course they would invite others.


How many times have your friends told you about a great restaurant or a great sale? They should see just as much value in your church.


Another indicator of the value your church has for its members and the community is how it’s changing the lives of real people.


Is your church changing lives?
Here are three ways to add value to your Church: 
1) Make your church a desired destination.
The more desirable your church is, the more opportunity you’ll have to increase His Kingdom. But to get motivated, people need to see tangible benefits..
If I could convince you that by coming to my church for three weeks, your marriage would be the best it’s ever been, your kids would get straight A’s and never do drugs, and your sex life would be great—you would probably come, wouldn’t you?
We buy products and services for what they can do for us. According to the Barna Group, up to 65% of the population does not attend church regularly. That number would surely decrease substantially if people saw more value in attending church.


2) Let everyone who attends your church know how valuable they are.
We can’t minister effectively to people we don’t value. Those who are single, poor, aged, or of different ethnicities may not seem valuable from a worldly point of view. And we’re naturally prone to shut out those who look or think differently than we do. But when we do, we may be missing God’s hidden treasures.
The next time someone shares or does something that you view as unimportant, ask yourself if you truly value that person and the contribution that God would have them make.


3) Make your church more valuable to more people.
Be a lifelong learner. Continue to work on your areas that God has gifted you in so you can reach your full potential. If you are going to speak and minister to people’s needs you must get inside their world, see what they see, and find out what they value.


We drive 800 miles and spent a few thousand dollars to attend the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta. Why? Because we saw the value in it—to us individually and to our company as a whole.


Meeting Them Where They Are.
Do you want to see real growth in your church? Begin to cultivate an environment of growth in your congregation. This year, try offering life-changing sermon series aimed at:
1. Improving marriages
2. Creating stronger families
3. Developing stronger character in children and young adults
4. Overcoming past hurts
5. Overcoming addictions
6. Answering life’s tough questions 


Take a long hard look at your community. Identify some of the essential needs the families have. Then develop a sermon series to market to those needs.


If your church really takes care of people’s needs, it will grow.

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