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5 Strategies to Increase Your Reach this Easter


Easter is the Super Bowl of the church world.  We have the greatest story to tell in all the world, and we want as many people as possible to hear it. So, what is the best way to do this?
We at Truth Advertising, have found that the best form of marketing is a combination of 5 different strategies. Simply put, relying on one type (mailers, social media, etc) is generally not going to get the word out enough to get people inside your church building. Statistics tell us that people on average need 5 “touches” before taking any action on the message they are receiving. So what works? How do we reach out to our community, connect with them, and get them in the door?


1. Attractional Strategy
Consider hosting an Easter Egg hunt or Easter Festival. Simple ideas to make this a success – Bounce houses, festival games, breakfast with the Easter Bunny, or even a Helicopter Egg Drop.
All these ideas would be considered Attractional Marketing Strategy. It gives the church an outward focus and helps us understand what the unchurched in your neighborhood want and need.  Always remember to present the gospel in a straightforward way during the event, and to get the contact information of your guests while they are there.


2. Door Knocking
This is a strategy that some churches believe to be outdated. However, I believe it works. Why? During the 2012 Presidential Campaign between Barack Obama & Mitt Romney, Obama ended up securing the majority of votes in Ohio – which was considered to be a swing state at the time.
The day before the polls opened, both teams went door knocking. Obama’s team ended up knocking on 300k more doors than Romney. He ended up winning the election by over 100k votes. I don’t think it was a coincidence. I think people truly appreciate that extra effort that goes into canvassing, and not just in a political aspect. Yes, you will have the unpleasant home owner who is not open to the gospel and your knocking on their door, but don’t let that deter you. Once your team goes out, be sure that they have ​Door Hangers to leave behind if the neighbor is not home. You can also hand out Invitation Cards to clients that open the door, as a physical reminder of the information you gave them during the visit.


3. Direct Mail
After word of mouth, I can guarantee you the number one-way people will learn about your church is via mailers.
We use our graphic designer to produce a customized piece for your church, ensure a dedicated marketing advisor to work with you through email and over the phone, and help your church strategically pick-out the locations where your mailers are sent.
Why is this strategy so effective? It is because the physical aspect of the postcard makes the client feel more valued and helps to create an authentic relationship then other forms of outreach.
Check out our​ Easter Samples and Pricing here.


4. Social Media and Web Promotion
Here at Truth Advertising, we use Facebook Ads as part of our overall strategy. This is a wonderful option for marketing, simply because there are so many ways to customize the advertisement, and because you can get extremely targeted by location, age, interests and a variety of other options.
It’s cost-effective and measurable, though I would not suggest using it alone. We always pair it along with the traditional print media.


5. Word of Mouth
The last thing you would expect is for a direct mail advertising company to be talking about “word-of-mouth (WOM)” advertising, right? After all, it is an “unpaid” form of promotion. The truth is we want your church to grow and advance the Kingdom and we want to help you access every possible tool at your disposal. What church wouldn’t want to leverage some of their own resources to get free marketing?
The reason WOM advertising is so powerful is that, in most instances, the person talking about you and recommending your church, has nothing to gain in the transaction. This is unlike other forms of media, where the referring source has been compensated in some manner.
One effective way to encourage Word of Mouth marketing is by taking the 300 FREE samples included in our Direct Mail Packages and distributing them among your members. From there, encourage them to hand those out to their FRAN (Friends, Relatives, Associates, and Neighbors). Read more ideas ​about WOM here.



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