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How to Design Effective Ad Copy

With the creation of simple Design Apps flooding the internet these days it seems everyone is a graphic designer. We consistently get designs for churches that leave a lot to be desired in what would be considered a “good” design. Before you consider taking on the task of designing your own postcard mailing, consider the following, and see if you have the design experience to represent your church to your local community. After all, you only have one chance to make a first impression:


    • Do you understand what white space is and how to use it effectively?
    • Do you understand font and just how many different fonts you should use in your design?
    • Do you understand the relationship with the alignment and spacing of your elements?
    • Do you understand how to use colors correctly?
    • Do you understand how to use symbols such as hyphens, dashes and quotation marks?
    • Do you know what a focal point is?
    • Do you understand the difference between CMYK and RGB?
    • Do you know how to format an ad to printer specifications?


The above are just a few of the elements designers learn through formal education or experience. Look at it this way. Would you let a person preach your sermons with no experience in public speaking or Bible training?  Of course not. So why would you put something so critical as the design of your postcard in the hands of someone with no formal design training?


In addition to the technical aspects of design you must also include “Key Success Elements” in every card you send out. Graphic design is not a beauty contest. You can design the most visually appealing postcard on the planet, but without some “Key Success Elements” your response will be minimal. Graphic design is a science, equally applicable to churches as to any other product, service, or business. It doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Implement these well-thought-out success elements correctly and you can achieve the results you desire.


Below are the “Key Success Elements” that should be in every postcard your church sends out.


Before you can begin to invite people to church you must first gain their attention. If you don’t do this first step, the whole process fails. A strong title and a intriguing graphic create an attention-grabbing front of your card. Both elements combine to imply that there is something that will benefit the reader. Readers
are attracted to the message from the first glance.


Strong, well written text and a sermon series designed with the intention of offering benefits create an engaging effect to the reader. It should intrigue them to learn more and spell out the benefits they will receive from attending this series at your church.


You have captured their attention and have engaged them. Now it is the time to educate them about your church. List out the ministries you have to offer. Let them know what times you meet, what type of service it will be, what others will be dressed like etc. A picture of the pastor helps to add that personal touch as well.


Don’t miss the opportunity to call your audience to action! You might invite them to take the action-step of making a phone call to your office, or visiting your church website, or visiting the church, or attending an event. Just be sure you don’t leave them stranded without an action-step! If they’ve paid attention to your efforts thus far, they want to take action. Tell them how!


Give your audience many ways to reach you. Most people will look you up online prior to that first visit. Include your website, phone, any social media accounts you have, a map and sermon times.


At Truth Advertising we have a team of talented graphic designers that can create a high-quality professional direct mailer exclusively for your church needs. For sermon series, event, or holiday themed campaign, nobody produces a more attention getting, results generating postcard for churches than Truth Advertising. AND DON’T FORGET – ALL DESIGN IS INCLUDED WITH OUR DIRECT MAIL CAMPAIGNS.




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