“Non-Profit Postage for Churches”

The United States Postal Service has a special rate for non-profit organizations.

The current bulk mail saturation price for non-profit organizations is 6.6 cents per piece.

If you do not already have authorization or a current active non-profit bulk mail permit, you must get authorized by the US Postal System to mail at Non Profit rates.

Download USPS form 3624 (THIS FORM DOES NOT REQUIRE A PERMIT APPLICTION FEE) from the link below. Follow the instructions and take to the nearest Post Office. It usually takes about two - four weeks to get your authorization number back in the mail.

(Click to download USPS form 3624 here)

After receiving your authorization paperwork in the mail, you can go to your local post office and get a non-profit permit for about $360.

Or you can save the $360 and have Truth Advertising handle your mail for you under “Ghost Permit” status. We can still get you non-profit postage rates, mail from the same post office you would normally use, at no additional charge.

(Click to learn more about “ghost permitting”)

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